TSC EurSax17

After their acclaimed debut at SaxOpen (WSC 2015) the Tenor Saxophone Collective were delighted to be invited by the team at EurSax17 Oporto to produce an european edition.

Members: Joao Pedro Silva, Nathan Henshaw, Andy Scott, Rodrigo Villa, Rob Buckland, Henrique Portovedo, Jenni Watson, Erin Royer, Gilly Blair, Isabel Anjo, Matt London and Luis Riberio.

Music by Christoph Enzel, Jenni Watson, Andy Scott, Matt London, Rob Buckland, Nick Russoniello & Matt Styles.

Nathan Henshaw performs 'As the crowie flies' by Nick Russoniello as part of the TSC concert at EurSax17! Remember to turn the sound on and HD mode!