Tenor Saxophone Collective

Comprised of twelve established saxophonists from across the world the Tenor Saxophone Collective is the performing ensemble of the TSi!

The ensemble made it's acclaimed debut at SaxOpen Strasbourg (World Saxophone Congress 2015) and were delighted to be invited by the artistic team at EurSax17 Porto to produce an European edition.

We are delighted to announce the Tenor Saxophone Collective will be performing the World Saxophone Congress Zagreb in July! This Zagreb edition will be curated and led by Matt London.

Presenting new and original works exclusively for the tenor saxophone the group plunder and explore the great depths and versatility of the instrument in this unique and exciting setting!

Past and current members include; Arno Bornkamp [Netherlands], Joåo Pedro Silva [Portugal], Jenni Watson [UK], Isabel Anjo [Portugal], Nathan Henshaw [Australia], Andy Scott [UK], Rodrigo Villa [Spain], Rob Buckland [UK], Alfonso Padilla [Spain], Henrique Portovedo [Portugal], Erin Royer [Australia], Kyle Hutchins [USA], Gilly Blair [UK], Luis Riberio [Portugal], Matt London [UK], Niels Bijl [Netherlands], Nathan Mertens [USA], Christoph Enzel [Germany], Erik-Jan de With [Netherlands] and Peter Leung [Australia].

A message from Andy Scott;  I’m really proud to have shared the stage and rehearsal room with the fine saxophonists of the Tenor Saxophone Collective that presented programmes of new music at the World Saxophone Congress (Strasbourg 2015) & EurSax (Porto 2017). Thank you to both organising teams for programming the group, the composers for writing fantastic new works, and an international group of musicians that rehearse intensely at each congress so that we reach a point where a great performance is delivered!

As you can imagine there is a lot of organisation in the year prior to a performance at a major saxophonic event, and whilst I created the ensemble and had the initial idea/concept, there is no doubt that it couldn’t have been realised without the continued support of Matt London, and the help of Erin Royer & Jenni Watson.

The TSC really is something special, the camaraderie as everyone pulls new repertoire together in rehearsals (with players from Portugal, USA, Holland, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and many more giving their time and musical expertise) has ensured that the performances in Strasbourg & Porto were dynamic, gripping and intriguing, featuring a number of world premiere performances!

TSC EurSax17

I’m delighted to say that the third performance to be given by the TSC is in July 2018 at the WSC in Zagreb, Croatia!

As Artistic Director of the first two projects I am delighted to announce that Matt London will be Artistic Director of the Zagreb edition of the Tenor Saxophone Collective, supported by UK & Australian saxophone stars Jenni Watson & Nathan Henshaw!

As the group is now established, I feel that it is important that each edition of the TSC has a different Artistic Director, and that the ensemble may perform beyond major saxophone events.

It would be wonderful if, for example, there was an Australian or American edition of the TSC, sharing the wonderful qualities that the tenor saxophone and the new music that is presented by the TSC offers, all we ask here at the Tenor Saxophone Collective/Tenor Saxophone Index, is that there is dialogue for any such edition that is planned (with in effect a country-specific version of the TSC) so that we can help you publicise the event!

If you’re planning on going to the World Saxophone Congress in July 2018 please support the Tenor Saxophone Collective and have a chat with Matt, Jenni, Nathan & the team!!

Exciting times ahead!

TSC Strasbourg