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Across the world people ranging from students to professionals are undertaking important and interesting research into the tenor saxophone and the saxophone in a wider context.

Please respect the authors work and use the imformation they have kindly gathered fittingly remembering to cite papers if used for your own research.  


Defining Classical Tenor Saxophone: performer identity, performance practice and contemporary repertoire (2015) Peter Leung

"The tenor saxophone has gained prominence as a classical instrument for composers and performers during the last four decades. Interest in the instrument has inspired the creation of innovative works and tenor saxophonists are charged with preparing these works for performance. Performing new repertoire has impacted the way in which the classical tenor saxophonists explore the musical potential of their instrument and their role in a larger sense. The aim of this study is to identify important works in the contemporary classical tenor saxophone repertoire, establish how performers approach these works, and discover their perceptions of the instrument. "

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Dr. Peter has had a varied and extensive performance career, spanning countries and musical styles. He currently performs as both a solo and chamber artist. Peter completed an M.Mus at Fontys Conservatorium, Netherlands under Ties Mellema and completed his Doctorate of Musical Arts at SCM under Dr. Michael Duke.



James Houlik: life of a tenor saxophone specialist. (2010) Scott David Sandberg

"James Houlik has spent his life and career dedicated to the advancement and exposure of the tenor saxophone. This thesis documents his career as well as his views toward music, teaching, and the instrument."

Note from the author: "My interest in James Houlik extends from my specialization on the tenor saxophone.  I repeatedly found tenor works dedicated to him, and when I tried to find out more about who he was and these pieces I realized the value of focusing my thesis on him.  The information in this document comes from interviews and email correspondence during 2009-2010.  It is divided into three sections:  Biography, Interview, and Works Written for James Houlik."

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Dr. Scott Sandberg received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree from the University of North Dakota and his Master of Arts degree and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Saxophone Performance from The University of Iowa. His primary teachers include Dr. Kenneth Tse and Elizabeth Rheude. 




A discussion into the careers of James Houlik and Andy Scott with regards to identifying the vital steps needed to establish a performance career as a specialist classical tenor saxophonist. (2011) Erin Royer

"This paper will discuss the careers of two iconic saxophonists - James Houlik (USA) and Andy Scott (UK) - and how they have established performance careers in the classical tenor saxophone arena."

Note from the author: "I wrote this paper to help me understand the key points that kick started both James Houlik's and Andy Scott's careers as tenor saxophonists. It is something I am currently embarking on, and I learnt some very valuable things from both James and Andy in doing so. This paper then not only discusses the careers of two amazing saxophonists, it also shows us how they became among the best in their field".   - June 2012

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Erin Royer is a classically trained saxophonist, specialising on the tenor saxophone. In 2010 Erin received a Bachelor of Music (Classical Performance) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Styles.  



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