Tenor Tapestry - James Houlik

TENOR TAPESTRY - James Houlik (pictured) 

It has been my privilege to tour as a recitalist for many years, in my own country and abroad. It has always struck me that the tenor saxophone is ideally suited to the recital stage. The instrument's general popularity and its capacity for great variety, in terms of tone color and repertoire, make it a natural in my estimation. Debra Ayers and I have put together this recital CD with exactly these strengths in mind. We've assembled music from the baroque through contemporary, all with an intention to explore the broad character of the tenor saxophone, a musical tapestry if you will.

- James Houlik 2002

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Non originals / transcriptions are limited to 30seconds. Tenor Tapestry - Aerophon Recordings [AERO 01-2]