SPEAK NOW - Matt London

SPEAK NOW - Matt London (pictured)

The modern classical tenor saxophone, with its flamboyant, dynamic and versatile nature, offers the perfect channel for new and established composers to create fresh and original works.

This body of work brings together some of those talented composers from across the UK who share a liberating broad-minded approach to music; some writing for a cherished instrument and some discovering for the first time the diverse pallet of colours the tenor has to offer.

It is my hope that this album provides interest and pleasure not only to the listener who, like me, has a great affection for the instrument, but also introduces newer listeners to compelling repertoire being written today.

It has been an honour and a privilege to play such wonderful music by composers who I can now call my friends.   

Big Noises!
- Matt London 2013

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SPEAK NOW - Matt London [ML001]