Nathan Henshaw

Nathan is a renowned Australian saxophonist recognised for his musical diversity and interest in promoting the saxophone in any medium. His commitment to the musical plurality of the saxophone has led him to pursue a vast array of performance opportunities and in the process, has resulted in the composition or creation of new works for the instrument.

Nathan studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours). Nathan also undertook further studies with renowned saxophonists in France and the United Kingdom.

Nathan pursued further study at the Sydney Conservatorium and completed his Masters of Music Performance Research in 2010. He was awarded the Estalaman Layman Martin Harrison Scholarship to undertake this research. His masters dissertation 'Blowing Zen’, examined the influences of non-Western philosophy on the interpretation of contemporary saxophone repertoire. Nathan is currently completing his Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) at the University of Sydney and was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award and the Kirkpax Trust Scholarship to assist with his research. The current focus of his research is examining the interpretive challenges faced by classical musicians when they are required to perform works within a jazz style, focussing on the saxophone.

Nathan’s work as a freelance musician has provided the opportunity to work with a diverse range of renowned Australian and international performers and ensembles such as Tim Minchin, Ben Folds, Kenny Rogers, Randy Newman, The Chaser, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Opera, Sydney Theatre Company, Richard Gill, Eddie Perfect, Nigel Butterly, George Dreyfus, Claude Delangle, Niels Bijl, The Four Baritones, Arno Bronkamp, Andy Scott, Mario Marzi, Rhonda Burchmore, Barry Cockcroft, Todd McKenney, WIN Wollongong Symphony Orchestra, NSW Police Band, Sydney Conservatorium Saxophone Quartet, Compass, Continuum Sax, Chronology Arts, Rivers and Roads and SBS Television and Radio Orchestra.

As well as freelance work, Nathan is also is a full time member of the Nexas Quartet, Heavy Metal Quartet, Sax Summit, Sydney Saxophone Collective and Rarefied Air.

In conjunction with his performance work, Nathan teaches and tutors around Australia (primarily based in the Sydney area). He is also lecturing in saxophone at the Open Academy and Foundation Program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Nathan is Selmer Paris and Silverstein artist.

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