My Mountain Top - Andy Scott

MY MOUNTAIN TOP - Andy Scott (pictured)

The title, “My Mountain Top” succinctly encapsulates Andy Scott's own personal drive to perform to his own highly exacting standards; to say to the world ”Hey there's some terrific quality music being written for Tenor Saxophone - let's play it as often as we can” and to promote the thinking that what we need today, are players who have an intimate working knowledge with a wide range of different styles of music, and who can play in those styles with musical integrity. 

This CD has been a long time in the making. Drawing on a wealth of experiences playing with the Apollo Saxophone Quartet and working closely with many of the composers who have written for that Ensemble, Andy's vision has been to create a repertoire for the Tenor Saxophone in the field of Contemporary Classical music that would counter balance that formidable oeuvre of classics that exists for the Tenor Sax in Jazz. This CD gathers together some of those talented composers who share a similar open-mindedness and versatile approach to music. 

- Andy Scott 2006

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My Mountain Top - CD Baby [B000LV69IK]