The American Saxophonist - Frederick Hemke

THE AMERICAN SAXOPHONIST - Frederick Hemke (pictured) 

The American Saxophonist CD represents a re-release of The American Saxophone LP and the Music for Tenor Saxophone LP recordings that were issued in 1971. This present CD contains all of the compositions recorded on these earlier two LPs.

The new CD has been issued because of the unavailability of the older LP recordings and at the urging of many of my present and former students. The two LP recordings have been programmed into the unity of a single CD in order to take advantage of the CD longer content format. It is my most sincere hope that the melding of the two LP albums will still provide interest and pleasure to the listener.

It is also my desire that The American Saxophonist CD will serve as a background to inform and compliment my newest CD, Simple Gifts. With this CD, I honor all those students and friends who have requested this release. I am exceedingly grateful to all my students, both present and former, for the great joy and satisfaction they have given me these many years in allowing me to assist them in the shaping of their gifted talents and their admirable aspirations.

- Frederick L. Hemke 2006

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Alto works; Dahl and Husa Concertos, Aeolian Song & Farewell are limited to 30seconds. The American Saxophonist - ENF Records [1203-2]